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Applications: PET, optical films


  1. Capable of rewinding up to a large diameter with hanging type rewind arms provided at front and rear sides.
  2. Near roller rewinding method; rewinding positions are fixed and a unit of individual lay-on rollers slide backward as a rewind diameter grows.
  3. High quality is achieved in rewinding with a structure where rewind tension does not effect rewind touch force.

Technical Data

Material width 700 – 2800 mm
Rewind diameter Max.φ800 mm
Rewind shaft OD φ3 inch,φ6 inch
Slitting width Min. 700 mm
Machine speed 600 m/min.
Unwind diameter φ800 mm
Cutting method Wrapped shear cutting
Straight shear cutting
A special type of top knife holders is available.
Rewinding method Shaft-less rewinding with servo motors

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