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Applications: separator film


  1. Rewind arms horizontally move forward as a rewind diameter grows.
  2. Rewinding is stably performed with short pass line and a structure where rewind tension does not effect rewind touch force.
  3. Individually driven type top knife holders are available as an option. (Knife engagement depth and side load can be digitally managed.)

Technical Data

Material width Max. 4500 mm
Rewind diameter Max.φ600 mm
Rewind shaft OD φ3 inch,φ6 inch,φ8 inch
Slitting width Min. 300 mm
Machine speed 200 m/min.
Unwind diameter φ800 mm
Cutting method Wrapped razor cutting
Wrapped shear cutting
Straight shear cutting
A special type of top knife holders is available.
Rewinding method Shaft-less rewinding with servo motors

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