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Applications: laminated film, printed film, general films


  1. Thanks to the compact design, machine installation area was reduced by 20 % compared to our conventional models.
  2. Operators can make a fine adjustment of knife setting from the rewind side.
  3. Product unloading work can be easily performed because all individual lay-on rollers move up and down at a time.

Technical Data

Material width 500 – 1200 mm
Rewind diameter Max.φ500 mm
Rewind shaft OD φ3 inch (φ6 inch)
Slitting width Min. 80 mm
Machine speed 250 m/min.
Unwind diameter φ800 mm (φ1000 mm)
Cutting method Razor cutting in air
Wrapped razor cutting
Wrapped shear cutting
Score cutting
Rewinding method Rewinding with friction shafts
Rewinding with air shafts

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