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Applications: general papers, general laminated films, PET, CPP, OPP, PI, PE, PC, PVC, PVD, NY, PVA etc.


  1. Duplex rewind stations: front and rear sides.
  2. Pass line after the slitting section is short so as to rewind stably.
  3. You can choose a slitting method and a rewinding method according to your materials.

Technical Data

Material width 500 – 1500 mm
Rewind diameter Max.φ600 mm
Rewind shaft OD φ3 inch (φ6 inch)
Slitting width 20 – 1400 mm
Machine speed 300 m/min.
Unwind diameter φ1000 mm
Cutting method Razor cutting in air
Wrapped razor cutting
Wrapped shear cutting
Score cutting
Rewinding method Controlled by differential drive
Shaft friction rewinding
Individual friction rewinding

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